“Bebella lashes”

"Bebella lashes", Creating that Perfect Lash look. "A Flutter of the eyelashes can get a girl anywhere" Luxury Mink Lashes right here in St.Vincent & the Grenadines,Be Bella Lashes by Gina. Be Bella Lashes is just a fun and creative way to encourage girls to wear mink eyelashes to enhance their look. Not only are mink [...]

My first Five Loves.

The very first five products I fell deeply in love with, on my natural hair journey, apart from my home made products,I recommend for your 4A/4b hair.   1. PALMER'S Coconut Oil Formula with Vitamin E (Conditioning Shampoo): 2. PALMER'S Coconut Oil Formula with Vitamin E (Repairing Conditioner): 3. Blue Magic  Organics Indian Hemp: 4. [...]

My hair secret.

For growing long healthy hair ,try my Secret hair regimen! How I care for  and grew my Natural hair quickly,healthy and long,using natural ingredients planted and grown in my own back yard: Over the years ,at one point I became extremely tired of trying products after products in my natural hair,however I decided to use [...]