All You Need Is Confidence..

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I often get emails, DM’S, Messages asking me how I got this far and how to do great things in life. My answer to that is confidence. You need to have confidence in yourself and your process. I am not perfect but I can tell you that confidence puts me in a total different light. It makes me look like I have no flaws because I embrace my flaws. Confidence makes me feel like i can take over the world.

I am so blessed to live this life. I am blessed to have acknowledged that this life is very short and I can’t waste any second of it being insecure or doubtful. Think about it, you get the chance to live on this earth for a VERY limited time so what are you spending your time developing? Hate? Jealousy? Comparison? Doubt?

When my friends come to me with their life…

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3 Tips On How To Refresh Old Curls!

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Oh hey there! i hope you are excited about this blog post because i struggled to learn how to refresh my curls for the second, third and even fourth day after my fresh wash and go. Am i the only one who loves how their second/third day curls look? it looks so much bigger and frizzy it’s the best!

Today i will break down in 3 simple steps how i refresh my curls!

This little routine and products are the best for the summer and i am sure your second/third day curls will look SO CUTE!




You need to have a spray bottle with water to make your hair damp and my tip *DON’T DRENCH YOUR HAIR* separate your hair in 4 sections (2 sections in the front and two in the back) wet one section at a time…

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“Bebella lashes”

"Bebella lashes", Creating that Perfect Lash look. "A Flutter of the eyelashes can get a girl anywhere" Luxury Mink Lashes right here in St.Vincent & the Grenadines,Be Bella Lashes by Gina. Be Bella Lashes is just a fun and creative way to encourage girls to wear mink eyelashes to enhance their look. Not only are mink [...]