Does It worth the Hype?

HONEST CANTU REVIEW. Since Natural hair have been developed into the new trend ,Cantu product line has become one of the most popular natural hair product line,a lot of YouTube's have been reviewing this product,therefore it was mainly one of the Hot topics on YouTube & Social media,it have been talked about as one of [...]

My first Five Loves.

The very first five products I fell deeply in love with, on my natural hair journey, apart from my home made products,I recommend for your 4A/4b hair.   1. PALMER'S Coconut Oil Formula with Vitamin E (Conditioning Shampoo): 2. PALMER'S Coconut Oil Formula with Vitamin E (Repairing Conditioner): 3. Blue Magic  Organics Indian Hemp: 4. [...]

My hair secret.

For growing long healthy hair ,try my Secret hair regimen! How I care for  and grew my Natural hair quickly,healthy and long,using natural ingredients planted and grown in my own back yard: Over the years ,at one point I became extremely tired of trying products after products in my natural hair,however I decided to use [...]