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As a young ‘Country girl’ growing up there was a lot of things I developed passion for ,these things fall in many different categories ,contributing to the fact that I was a fearless Tom boy ,this child was dedicated to learning any and every thing ,From playing netball,to playing cricket,building trucks,carts,rolling wheelers,rolling tyres,pitching marbles,climbing the tallest trees,fishing,swimming out to the deep,going to the mountain ,digging lands,planting stuff,go looking for fruits (whether day or night ),bathing in the river ,building shanties,making fudge and sugar cake,baking dough boy,playing skipping rope ,’Bun up'(dag ball),hop scotch ,moral ,literally enjoying every minute of my day in the Sun and was into everything going on around me whether its woman or man activity,i was in,show me !,teach me!,that’s the spirit i grew up  within me,My true joy and pleasure was spending my day in the sun or rain ignoring the fact that I was asthmatic.

Apart from the Tom boy , I was girly,I had a lot of dolls whom I designed and made clothes for ,I plait their hair ,painted their nails ,just made them look nice ,gave them baths as well, I was fascinated with fashion ,I remade all my outfits,my outfits were a blend of ‘Tom boy’ and ‘Girly’,I dressed according to my mood,I had about 60 pairs of shoe at one point ,a mixture of heels and sneakers,I fell involve with makeup ,it was  the first thing I feel involve with ,I loved writing short stories,collecting magazines,I developed a love for drawing (art),I really just happened to love to create things and fix broken stuff ,I was also very smart in school ,was always in the top,my favorite subjects were Maths,Chemistry ,Biology ,Spanish ,French ,History ,Agriculture Science and Geography. I was that competitive but I loved a challenge .

And with all that said ,on here you will get just what I mansion above ,my Creativity ,my passion and my knowledge …

Thank you for stopping by,there are a lot of things you can be doing right now but you choose to view my blog and I really and truly appreciate it ,please don’t just go ,let me know you were here, let’s be friends!