1j+ojl1KOMkX9WyofBe43D6kjfCBqRBImhnEwXs1M3EMoAJtlSEvhvVq8vw4.png   Created by Fennique Stay ,whom have been a nutralista for more than half of her life, she have been true the ups and downs of relaxers, multiple Big chops, heat damage ,Color damage(Bleached damaged), Sea salt damage ,Edges loss (through tight & heavy protective hair styles & too harsh chemicals) ,dehydration, extreme brakeage ,practicing BAD hair routines ,using the wrong products and wrong material etc. ,however despite all the Bad hair days she went through she is greatful to mention some of the best days she had with her natural hair ,these were the days that thought her what works and what don’t ,so typically the DO’s and Don’ts, from being natural nearly all her life ,three times relaxer right inline with about five BIG CHOPS ,she have managed to come up with a steady routine and products that was Most friendly to her hair, through the frustration of buying products that didn’t work at all ,or sometimes just did a little and some never enough!, she began to use the products right in front of her, these products were planted and grown in her back yard, and she could not have been any happier to discover what she had discovered , and now would love to share her home Remedies ,tricks and tips, that she constantly share with her relatives and friends who constantly comes to her for hair advice on how she revived her hair ,what she used, they ask mainly about the FAST GROWTH ,now she is excited to share with her future natural hair member these same products and ingredients.

On here I wish to create  a natural hair community where I share all  my natural hair tips ,tricks,hair care,hair products and answer all questions from members,family and friends of my Social medias.So if you’re not yet apart of my Social Family please go ahead and follow me if your main desire is to care for a head of healthy hair,Strong kinks and curls,fast hair growth and to learn new ways of protective styling.

In addition,I’m a lover of Fashion and beauty ,I love nature ,to travel and Food ,so you will also being seeing some of that on here .Note: In order to have healthy hair you are you be healthy over all ,therefore what you eat and how you care for your body is keen,Supplements are also very important.

Fancy Girlshttps://www.facebook.com/marrtinique


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