About me


Hi!, I was born smiling …..

In the Caribbean ,the Land of St Vincent & the Grenadines,at the Kingstown Milton Cato Memorial hospital,on Sunday the 4th of December ,1994  was born a little bouncing baby girl,with a smile on her face ,one which the doctors and nurses couldn’t help but notice,it was a pleasure for them along with her mom Janet Stay ,to have such a little beauty coming into this world, as the doctor said “Fennique is born so quite and smiling” , she wears that smile up to this day.She was a birthday Gift to her father Fenrick Stapleton and a gifted birthday niece to her Aunt Pera Stay (her mother’s ONLY ,younger sister),She became the second child,Only girl to her mom along with an older brother by her side Zemron Stay,who will forever protect her as a big brother,She was the third girl of her father’s five children amongst her three sisters and brother.

Fennique was born in Kingstown where her mom was living at the time ,she spent her first year and six months in the area called Edinboro ,she however moved to the Rural village of Fancy which is located on the most Northern part of St.Vincent ,there she grew up with her Grand parents Miss Estina Lewis & Mr. Andrew Lewis (her mother’s parents),which makes her a ‘proud country girl’,She grew up in a house hold of an extended family ,consisting of aunt,uncles and cousins,(whom she loves loves soo much!,she’ll go down for her family ,wither you are blood or related by any means,she is  a fighter but at the same time ,she has the softest and most kind heart ever and many of her friends and family can testify to that,sometimes she is too kind,but she cant change who she is ),Fancy is the place where she learnt everything she is today,she was also described as smart,intelligent,funny,talented and outrageous ,but to her she was a Tom boy,a story-teller,a story writer,a song writer ,a rapper ,singer,a dancer,a sprinter,a runner, netballer,a designer,a fashionista,a makeup artiste ,a farmer,a fisher girl,a cricketer,a seamstress , a nurse to her dogs ,cousins and class mates,a teacher to her friends and cousins,mother and sister to her dolls and the best friend that Shemekia Micheal could have ever had (R.I.P my love ),this little girl was soo passionate about many things ,she always believed she had just the ‘perfect gift’ of just being who she is ,everything she did was with great passion and she was never a failure,she learned well ,was always in the top in school ,she did excellent,received Awards and was a ‘Prefect’ .

This little bouncing baby girl had now grown into a full-blown woman, she did make some mistakes along the way, ones that she is trying to fix right now ,but she is proud of where she is and how far she have come,but she has just started her journey  and thanks you for wanting to be apart of this journey of minds ,most importantly me sharing on here everything that i am passionate about ,my life,it means soo much to me.

Thank you!

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