At-Home Hair Oils

These are some very good hair oils.

the boottique blog

One of our favorite local bloggers, Tamara from Champagne and Macaroons, turned us on to at-home hair oils.  Tamara always is sporting soft, pretty locks – so naturally we were sold on giving it a go.   But which one to try?  It seemed risky to choose one at random without doing any research – after all, not all hair was created equal.

Using natural hair oils can boost shine and softness, reduce frizz and weird fly-away strays, and add to the overall good health of your hair.  Used weekly, hair will gradually become softer, more elastic, and just…HEALTHY.  Apply a small palm-size amount to damp hair, comb through, and let set for…as long as you are able.  Overnight is best!  Wash oil out well and style as usual.  You will be stunned!

While it may seem counterproductive to use hair oil on hair that is naturally oily, the opposite…

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