“Adding Color to your natural hair”

If you wish to add color to your natural hair,This you must know!

Going natural has its benefits and Advantages as much as the challenges and exhaustion  that comes with it.


Someone who decides that they want to go natural  or have already started their natural hair journey should know that ,when you start this journey you are to be dedicated and true to your roots,In other words being natural doesn’t mean you can apply chemical whenever ,heat or any product you know will cause damage to your hair in terms of changing the color or texture ,you want to keep your hair 100% in its natural state and should ONLY aim to embrace & Enhance your natural texture and curls.


So to save you from having to go through multiply big Chops like I did & having to Spend a number of years trying to grow healthy  hair ,when you could have already grown and extra 18 – 20 inches to a head of healthy hair  during that 3-6 year you’ve been trying to get it right,although this took me over 8 years,I’m here to aware you of two of the biggest mistake you can make with your Natural hair,that would cause it not to grow at all (not that it’s not growing but you won’t be able to gain length when you’re continuously doing wrong things)


As much as we all may love to add a pop of color to our natural hair ,instead of damaging our hair through this process ,I have though about this other way,why not get clip ins or Curly Extensions that is close to the texture of your hair ,dye the clip in and then apply it instead of damaging your hair itself .


Also, Never ever add heat to your hair ,NO to all irons and dryers,heat and natural hair is worst enemies ,it is not ok to straighten your natural hair once or twice in a year ,the amount of damage one application of heat can do can’t be remedied until that damaged part of the hair has been cut off or grown out to the ends where it will gradually fall off ,(KEEP IN MIND damaged ends began at the roots as healthy hair).


I highly recommend clip ins ,for they gives you the advantage to add any color you desire while making it fun to rock your natural texture ,I also think this is a smart and better way since no damage is done to your natural hair itself and you can always change the color of the clip in when ever you want to switch things up.


These are what Clip ins looks like .
My Friend Melody wear  her clip ins for more Volume ,Looks really natural ..Melody has a blog where she showed you how she used these clip ins to add Volume to her natural hair.

Link to Melody’s blog post: How to get volume with curly Extensions.

Hope you find this interesting and helpful.

Love yah,


until next time!



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