Bald headed for 2018!

This is the year where I really wanted to start with a fresh clean-cut to a healthy natural hair journey :

 Doing a big Chop for the fourth time ,I still managed to make some serious mistakes ,which was not healthy at all to my natural hair:

  • Dying my hair.
  • Not moisturizing everyday.
  • Not being consistent with the use of my products.
  • Not deep conditioning enough.
  • Not giving it regular Treatment. 
  • No protein treatment at all.
  • And Still was applying pressure to my thin edges.
  • Slacked away from my own personal Regimen that was really working for my hair,etc.

These are some of the mistakes you should avoid making,with your hair.

Over the past years I have been losing my edges gradually ,at one point I was applying relaxer at  the front of my hair only, almost twice a week,I seriously don’t even know why I was doing that,I was 12-13 years old at the time,I had my natural hair for nearly my entire life ,relaxed once before this past time that I’m now speaking about,I did this for about two-week only,however it held a serious impact on not just my edges,but the scalp of my edges,after this time ,every single time I applied braided protective styles my edges tends to fall out with the braid:

Protective Styling.

,I was never too worried because they always grew back but never grow back fully ,that is because I was never going them a chance to do so ,which I now realize ,in addition I did my own braiding, so I made sure not to pull on my edges.About 8 year later ,shaving my  head revealed the sort of damaged that was done to my scalp of my edges .I can literally see some burnt marks in the bald spots of where the hair wasn’t growing at all.I have tried to grow my edges back several times as I said before,was seeing results but was never consistent at all,they were never as thick as before ,and will always fall back out when ever any sort of pressure was applied to them.

After my edges became such a serious problem to me I wanted my edges back in full,apart from that I wanted my hair back ,the full head of healthy hair I use to have :

After my 3rd big Chop,what i call healthy hair ,although my edges were not fully thick.but was too much better.

,I wanted it back soo badly ,back in May 13th 2017 I did my fourth big chop,as you will know if you follow my blog and read my recent post about my big chop,if not and you want to see more in detail check out my Big Chop post by clicking this link:Are you procrastinating on taking your BIG CHOP?

Fourth big chop
Fourth Big Chop

After doing this big chop I made this mistake:

bleached and Dyed my hair

I really didn’t like it and decided to dye my hair back to black:

My hair dyed back to Black.

I was happy up until the dye started to wash out and the bleached areas started to show up once more:

You can see the Browne patches right? and also my thin edges.

,so I had to keep dyeing it ,i used a $10 dye every time,I then notice my hair texture was changing ,It was not as soft as it was before ,with was more stiff & hard and my curls were not so juicy any more.

I wanted to go Bald a long time ago ,because it was my last and final option ,I believed ,to having my healthy hair back.I never planned it out ,I just got up out of my bed on the 22nd of December 2017 ,went to the mirror and started shaving it.I was soo happy after  that I finally got it done and I’m still satisfied and super excited for the months ahead to my full head of healthy hair.

I hope you really learned something from this post and you will be more careful of what you do to your natural hair if you are really aiming for healthy hair.

I am now back to my Secret regimen,which I shared with you in a pervious post which you can check out by clicking this link:For growing long healthy hair ,try my Secret hair regimen!

And I have also added some new natural ingredients  to my regimen,of which I would post in a future blog post.

Thank you for stopping by and again I wish you a Prosperous New year ,love fen!


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  1. Jazzycurlz says:

    Thanks for sharing . Please c​heckout ​my blog and lets ​support one and other.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am with you on the journey, I think our failures just perfect our journey. I have been natural for over eight years and I have never tried anything new. My shampoo, conditioner, shea butter mixture has always been the same. Even the styling has been the same. Thanks for sharing


    1. Fennique says:

      I have changed products over my journey due the fact that my curls pattern changes with length and stages …lucky you that you can keep using the same products and getting the same results all the time ,however I have planned to try sticking to one regimen and one set of products ,and those products would mainly be home made products..we will see how it goes !

      Liked by 1 person

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