“At piece “

I have accepted the situation but that doesn’t mean I’m comfortable with  it,it’s the only way I can be at peace and be happy with myself,nothing bothers me anymore since i have done this ,it is what it is until then,Things would not always be the same neither you !

I’m a person who have interest  in a lot of things ,one of those things is Reading ,I believe knowledge is power,more over I always try not to be a fool nor is my intention for anyone to make me a fool,so I read books,magazines,blogs, you name it ,as long as its words and it grabs my interest I’ll read it.  Over the past years I have been trying to get my life on track,In terms of dealing with my studies & wanting to be able to move on with my life,however it’s not as easy as it would ever ,never be.I have decided to let my self appreciate things for what  they are and since then I am more happy with my self,I believe in God ,I had a relationship with him since i was a little girl ,this relationship was soo special I wanted to give my life to him ,but I was too young (they say),however I did accepted Christ as my personal Savior,but was never baptized  ,again I have not been serving him as I should ,that’s why I’m always thankful that God is not like man,because he was with me all the way ,when I forgot he was there.

Some years ago my life was too amazing ,nothing to worry about ,everything was just fine,I was lucky enough not to ever want or need of anything besides God’s Blessings for me,I was an extremely happy Teenager until one little thing that wasn’t apart of my plan ,became a big distraction and messed everything up,well thats what i think, apart from that one special thing ,which I still don’t know if it’s a blessing up to this day ,I isolated my self from everyone around me ,which I believe is the source of my situation today.No,I didn’t mess up ,it was part of the process to the plan,it seems to me.

It all began in form 4 ,North union Secondary School, I really don’t know what was the matter with me but everything switched in a blinking of an eye ,my grades ,they dropped and School wasn’t the place I loved to be anymore ,I hated School I hated school soo bad that I stayed home for weeks ,I didn’t care for some reason,how ever I decided that I should make it to form five and I did,I spent one term in form five and went home again,never went back to school.

#If you want to know what I faced before I was successful  in my studies,please leave a comment below so I Could continue this story of my life.Thank you!

I know there are a lot of ppl out there who thought they were in their last days and are the strongest of others today,Congratulations,situations build you ,it’s either you learn or you don’t ,next time we will find out if I did learn.

These Three books are books  I recently bought,I am seeing myself somewhere down this part  in the near future,so  I’m preparing for it,I hope you find interest in them,if you are one like me, my situation is what lead me down this lane of thinking:



Thank you soo much for your love and support ,love you ,Fen!.

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