“smelling good!”

Part of being sexy is,not just wearing a bright smile ,but also wearing perfume/scent/Fragrance,but do you ever wish your fragrance would stay on through out the day especially when you’ve purchased a cheap one?

It might not and it might be very important for women to wear fragrance ,Some women don’t feel Sexy without smelling good , a great fragrance does make me feel like I have just boost my confidence with just a Spritz.However I have learned where to place that spritz so that my Cologne can lost much longer.These areas are:

  • Hair: Fragrances Latches onto your hair fibers,hence the reason why your strands will carry the scent all day,however be aware that the Alcohol content can cause your hair to dry out so in oder to avoid direct contact with hair,apply fragrance on a brush or comb and carefully pull through your hair.
  • Ears: The earlobe are pulse point ,this is one of the areas where the body is warmer,which is best for enhancing the fragrance.
  • Belly button: here you are to spritz on your fingers then apply to belly button ,this area is receptacle for scent,you heats up around this area ,which would cause the scent to stay with you.
  • Collarbone: The fragrance is likely to settle into the dips in your bone.
  • Hands(wrist): Another Warm area,heats up because it’s a pulse point.
  • Inside Elbows: Another Pulse point.
  • Behind your knees: This area will project the scent for it’s an area where the veins rise closely to the skin and is warmer & very soft.
  • Ankles: (feet) ,the perpetual motion of the feet ,applying fragrance to Calves & ankles will carry the scent anywhere you go.

My Current Favorite Affordable Fragrances:

FarAway Gold:

This has become one of my recent favorite fragrance ,I was soo obsessed with the pervious one “FarAway” the Original ,but then I tried the Gold and now I’m hooked.

far away

Be Sexy Elle:

Recently brought this and it has a similar Smell to the Beyoncé heat and of course I love it .

be sexy.jpgbe sexy 2.jpg

Beyoncé Heat:

One of the best Fragrances  I have ever used ,the scent is very soft & fruity. As you can see the Bottle is empty .

beyonce heat.jpg

Body Fantasies Signature :

I recently purchase this mini handy fragrance was to keep in my Hand bag,and I fell in love with the scent ,it as the most amazing refreshing fruity ,flowery scent Ever!

body mist.jpg

These fragrances are my favorites ,I hope that one or two can become your favorites as well.

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