The two current Supplement that I’m  using:

Woman’s Pack:

20171217_090435 copy 2

This supplement is a convenient daily vitamin and mineral nutrition for women,One packet every day support nutritional supplement need for women.  Excellent for your inner self with Calcium for your bones and Omega  3s   for your brain and heart  ,which results in the overall enhancement of your outer beauty,promoting healthy Skinned hair and strong nails.

Daily: 24  Essential  Vitamins & Minerals with Exclusive Plant Concentrates.

Cal mag D: Strong Bones with Calcium, Magnesium,& Vitamin D∞

Hair ,Skin & Nails:Contain Biotin & Collagen∞

Balanced health Omega:Support brain and Eye health∞


20171217_090746 copy

Nature Made Fish Oil:

Comes from deep Ocean waters,not Farm-raised  fish,purified to remove mercury and to ensure high level of Fish oil purity & Concentration.

Fish oil Provides:

Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA,support a healthy heart.

#Consumption of EPA & DNA omega-3   fatty acids  may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.      


250 Softgels


These are extremely great supplements that have been highly rated by other users review.

I would recommend them to you if you are one of those ladies who is highly concern about your health and beauty overall or is trying to grow there butt.

Fish oil helps you to gain fat in your butt area:

For its one of nature’s most beneficial fat proven to reduce inflammation in the body,in addition,More Healthy fat in your diet is what contributes to a fatter butt, because fish oil is a source of omega 3’s it’s stated as a healthy fat,therefore with the implementation of Fish oil in your diet ,you should gain some fat in your butt area. 

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  1. alayshasw11 says:

    Wow. I did not know all the benefits fish oil provided

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