My hair secret.

For growing long healthy hair ,try my Secret hair regimen!

20171129_204255.jpgHow I care for  and grew my Natural hair quickly,healthy and long,using natural ingredients planted and grown in my own back yard:

Over the years ,at one point I became extremely tired of trying products after products in my natural hair,however I decided to use only four main ingredients in my hair routine,these ingredients were mainly grown in my back yard and to my great surprise they began changing my hair without I even noticing,reason being ,I was too tired of being skeptical with my hair that I wasn’t paying any close attention to its Growth ,Texture nor color,all I really did was,wash,treat,moisturizer & Braid. I really kept it simple and then there was the results…so welcome to my Blog where you will read about these ingredients and what they were doing to my hair and what they can do for yours!

On wash day:

Preparation :

  • Firstly I prep the Aloe vera Gel and the Rachet leaf for application.I remove the aloe vera gel from the aloe vera leaf and place it in a bowl ,the same I do for the Rachet Leaf (removing the gel from each plant,I sometimes either scrape it off into a bowl or peel off the green layer of each leaf),the key here is to be left with just the Gel.

NOTE: If you decide to blend the leaves make sure to peel the green part of the leaf off first,otherwise these bits and pieces of leaf would be stock in your hair strands,and they are very hard to remove ,even when try to ‘combed out’. Now you add Browne sugar to the Aloe vera gel ONLY.

  • After loosing my hair out from braiding , I massage my Scalp for about 5-10 mins.
  • Then,I wash my hair out under the sink ,just so that any remaining product or build-up  can be wash out before I apply the Rachet gel as my Shampoo/Cleanser,(also wetting your hair before applying the product makes application of product easier ).


  • massage the Rachet gel in your hair from roots to tips for about 15-20 mins then repeat if you have to,rinse.
  • Apply Aloe Vera & Browne Sugar Mixture ,this Acts as a Conditioner , hair treatment & moisturizer .Leave in for about 45 mins to an hour minimum  (I use to sleep with this in my hair over night ,with a plastic cap on,but if you ‘aint got time for dat’  rinse after 45 mins to and hour),however the longer it stays the better.
  • After rinsing out your Aloe vera Browne Sugar mix,dry your hair with a t-shirt (alway use a t-shirt to dry your hair and not a towel).
  • To your damp hair apply your coconut oil then style hair as desire ,make sure to have a spray bottle containing water to spray your hair everyday ,also continue to apply a small amount of coconut oil to your scalp each night before bed.
  1. Aloe Vera:

    moisturizes & reduce shedding,also can be used as a leave-in Conditioner to help moisture hair which improves hair elasticity and is rich in Vitamins and minerals.


  2. Prickly Pear/Rachet Cactus leaf  (Nopal):

    Remedy damaged or dry scalp,Contains anti-inflamnatory properties(remove any infection from scalp pores),mainly promotes healthier scalp which is essential for healthy growing hair ,also carries fatty acid and proteins that are vital for hair growth,prevents hair lost & promotes a healthy PH balance.


  3. Coconut Oil:

    High in natural saturated fats,stimulates hair growth by getting deep into follicles, also promotes scalp health by fighting against insect bite,lice and dandruff  etc. ,add shine to hair along with softness and prevent hair from breakage which contributes to hair length.


  4. Browne Sugar:

    Browne sugar is made from Sugar cane extract, Help in scalp exfoliation ,carries anti-bacterial properties & glycol  acid that keeps the scalp healthy and radiant .


I Really hope and trust that you try this regimen ,its quite easy and simple ,it really doesn’t take alot of products for your hair to be in its best nautral state ,less is best,this regimen really works for me and for sure it would work for you as well.


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  1. alayshasw11 says:

    I never tried brown sugar before. Interesting. I must try it!

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    1. Fennique says:

      yeah you should hun…please keep me updated when you do …

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  2. Koolkid Williams says:

    Very interesting have to really try this one out.

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    1. Fennique says:

      yes please do ,and don’t forget to keep me updated..thnak you!


  3. Hi Fennique! I’d like to personally thank you for following my blog today. Thanks for flying by and supporting the blog! I hope you feel welcome in the “All the places she goes” family. Thanks again!

    xx, Shreya ❤️

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    1. Fennique says:

      HI ,thank you too much!, and thank you also for your support ,i really feel welcome after this personal message …muah!

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  4. Cathline Stay says:

    Very interested Fennique! am going to try it. 🌴

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fennique says:

      thanks Aunty ,please don’t forget to keep me updated…


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