The people of Belize deserve to know the truth about something significant that impacts their social and cultural sectors. The truth is that CARICOM member Belize, located in the west, owes its southern Caribbean counterpart – St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This debt is not one which is economic in nature. So what exactly is […] [...]

7 beauty products to try in St. Vincent

Secrets of St. Vincent & the Grenadines

It is more rewarding to give your body the best all natural care it can get. One way to do so, is by using organic, all-natural products.

There are two main local producers of all natural products in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Today, we feature Jazzy All Natural Vincy Products.

Jazzy, has a wide array of exotic Soaps, Creams and Spa products, which can help you to reap the benefits of choosing to be at one with nature.

Here are seven (7) ‘must buy’ organic, all natural products from Jazzy’s All natural products:

1. Jazzy All Natural Bath & Body Butter: Your skin will thank you for this, according to Jasmine Deane, proprietor of Jazzy organics. There are different varieties of it, but the Bath & Body Butter will help to naturally moisture your skin, help in toning your skin, reverse ageing and leaving you smelling so good, you’d…

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3 romantic places in St. Vincent for nature lovers

Secrets of St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Whenever romance and nature meet, the combination is powerful.

It is no wonder a special kiss shared in a well-kept garden, or a day spent hiking together or near natural water flows, are often the best remedies to spice up romance with your partner.

Here are three (3) of several outdoor places in St. Vincent which are perfect for nature-lovers who want to enjoy the outdoors together.

First on this list in the Botanical Gardens, St. Vincent: as soon as you enter the gardens, you know it. You feel it. There’s that natural atmosphere, conducive to sharing a moment together with nature. Though the area is public, there is enough privacy to have a deep, romantic conversation with each other and enjoy nature.


2. Vermont Nature Trails: If you’re looking for a hike that’s not too far, but far enough to spend time together in a nature-type environment, then a…

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Flirty Valentine’s Outfits

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Whether or not you consider Valentine’s Day to be a made-up, Hallmark holiday or not, there is no doubt that the lead-up and hype of the whole affair is REAL. If you are celebrating with your Valentine, it’s fun to get gussied up and add flirty details here and there.  If you are celebrating with your Gal-entines, a more casual look might be in order.  Check out our favorite February looks!



Pink hues can lend a more subtle Valentine vibe. 99e492378334755024c6e7a800dd8e96.jpge058391e230076bff1fd3aacca5af7b0--pink-outfits-day-outfits.jpgvalentines-day-outfits-girls-night-out-600x600.jpg

Valentine’s Day need not be necessarily about glitz and glam.

Heart-Printed-Outfit-Idea-for-Valentines-Day.jpgvalentines-day-outfit-1.jpgPolyvore-Valentines-Day-Casual-Dresses-For-Teens-2014-4.jpgCasual-Date-Out.png795e1ee865c0a3c027ab32f5bbb9dcd1--valentines-day-outfit-day-date-outfits.jpgcasual-valentines-day-outfit-04.pngimages via pinterest, asos, polyvore

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At-Home Hair Oils

These are some very good hair oils.

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One of our favorite local bloggers, Tamara from Champagne and Macaroons, turned us on to at-home hair oils.  Tamara always is sporting soft, pretty locks – so naturally we were sold on giving it a go.   But which one to try?  It seemed risky to choose one at random without doing any research – after all, not all hair was created equal.

Using natural hair oils can boost shine and softness, reduce frizz and weird fly-away strays, and add to the overall good health of your hair.  Used weekly, hair will gradually become softer, more elastic, and just…HEALTHY.  Apply a small palm-size amount to damp hair, comb through, and let set for…as long as you are able.  Overnight is best!  Wash oil out well and style as usual.  You will be stunned!

While it may seem counterproductive to use hair oil on hair that is naturally oily, the opposite…

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3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going Natural // #HAIRUNFILTERED


Curly hair. Beautiful luscious locks that makes everyone want to touch it! That was my thoughts before going natural. To be honest, I thought that was going to be my hair right after I cut all of the straight ends and damaged and fried hair, well I was wrong..

Let me tell you something, going natural is very very difficult and it take a lot of patience and discipline to have healthy curls. You can have short hair or long hair, if your curls are not healthy you won’t be happy with it. I remember when I just cut all of my fried hair off I thought “WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH THIS HAIR?! IT IS SO SHORT AND IT DOESN’T EVEN CURL UP! I HAVE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE” Rocky talk. When you use a lot of heat and don’t transition, most likely your hair doesn’t even…

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